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Out of synch advancement records

Our unit started with Scout book this spring but stopped. Now we are back again and have an issue. The scout records synced in March but the data enter into Internet Advancement is not on the scout records. We are entering the newest advancement but do not want to double up entry on everything entered since March.

How do we get the Scout book records to get back in synch with the scout records?

  1. When you look at the roster on Scoutbook, do they all have green shields by their names?

  2. When you click on their names, do you see a yellow bar that says “(Scout) has not been matched with a Scout in your Units official roster. Please check with your council.”?

  3. When you edit their profile, do they have a bsa member number populated? Look very closely, it may be in a very light gray font.

Yes. They are approved members.

No. No yellow bar.

Yes. They have BSA numbers.

And it is not everything after a date. A scout finished a snow sports mb in late March and it is not there. But the camping mb and Star rank earned in late May is showing up.

Is it all scouts that have the issue or just some?

Send an email to Provide the bsa member numbers and awards not synching. Post the ticket number you receive back here, also.

We just had that happen, with two of our girls. They started to sync and then sometime in the past two months the syc sign dissapered. I called the local office had them send me what they had for advancement and then sent them what it should be ( was missing rank and merit badges) but it was spotty. I called the national office in Texas with the names and bsa numbers ( which I had from the advancement report local office sent me. ) I found out from Texas one of the girls birthday was wrong I corrected it and Texas was able to syc her the other girl never did know what the problem was but again Texas fixed it. After the orangal phone call it was all done by email but rather fast problem was fixed in several hours. If you do call them they will need your bsa Id to conform who you are

I sent the list of affected scouts. It is 9 scouts. Two are ranks missing (one is Eagle) and the others are merit badges. Some of the missing scout ranks finally showed up yesterday.

The ticket number is Scoutbook Support Incident SSD-74616.

how long ago were the missing awards entered in IA?

We had a court of honor in June. They were entered prior to that.

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