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Application Manager/Invitation Manager

Anyone Having issues seeing applications. I have had 2 parents this week tell me they did applications but they are not showing up in our Packs App area for approval? They both used the link I provided from the Invitation Manager.

Are you using the Website or the application?

i am using the website

Have you tried different browsers or a Private/Incognito window?

I tried Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge… Is there a way for someone to look up the name to see if maybe it went to a different pack or just into the general council group?

Your council should be able to

I cannot recall if you get an email back when you enter an application online - might check with user to see if they got one for reference

Yes you do… I have had 2 others go thru no problem and you get an email notification… IDK could be user error too lol

I’m pretty sure the submitter can log into check the status of their app. Have them try that and send you some screenshots. Could be some clues there.