Can't access application manager/invitation manager

First question: Is this area down for maintenance or anything?
We’re trying to figure out whether online applications will work for us, and I was able to get in the other night and finally find the place where you can explain council/pack costs that will need to be paid later, but didn’t have time to do it.
I tried to go in today and work on that and it tells me I “don’t have access to that trail”.
Does Online Application need to be activated to access this? I turned it on for a couple of minutes the other night, thinking that the field I wanted would be on the Pin Management page and might appear once activated. When it didn’t, I turned it off again, then later found the Application Manager. Possible that the table saying whether or not Online Apply was active may not have been refreshed yet.

Other thoughts?

It’s down for me as well, but I accessed it fine earlier this week. My guess is temporary outage.

This has been reported to the Development Team - thanks

I’m able to access invitation manager and application manager at this point

Thanks. It’s working for me, too!

I get this message every time I try to get into Application Manager… You are not authorized to access this API. Is there a way to fix this?? My local DE is out of ideas

What is your role in the unit? Not all leaders have access to the application manager.


Looking at your positions in Akela it does not appear that you have the correct positions in your unit to use Application Manager. As for your district roll, I do not know if District Membership Chair is enough to get access to it. This is a case where your council will need to investigate as they can open a ticket with Member Care.