Approved merit badge record missing w/Needs Approval requirements

There are a couple of layers to this one. I have a scout showing several Communications MB requirements needing approval in the Needs Approval report. When I go to his advancement page, Communications is not one of the MBs listed. Generating his Individual Advancement Report or Scouts BSA Report both show that he has 0% completed. However, this scout completed the MB in 2017 (he earned his Eagle 3 years ago). I have the advancement report that was generated from Internet Advancement in 2018 for his Eagle application, so it was definitely recorded in ScoutNET at some point.

  1. Why are there requirements showing needs approval if the account doesn’t even show the MB as started?
  2. Why did the record disappear? I can re-enter it, but want to square away what happened first.

I probably wouldn’t have ever noticed this issue if it didn’t show up in Needs Approval because he already received his Eagle, so I’m not sure if other scouts have this issue anywhere.

@TiffanyEschbach - you can post the BSA id to have it checked. I gather nothing shows in the audit log for it ?

Right, nothing in the audit log to account for what’s going on. The BSA ID is 123870128.

This sounds like an issue that was identified late last week. The developers are working on a fix for release ASAP.

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Excellent! I will just let it sit until I see a fix released, since it’s not harming anything at the moment.

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