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BSA Administrator approved Merit Badges?!

I have a scout who is currently working on her Eagle rank.
She has 2 MBs remaining. They are started, but still needs to complete them.
In Scoutbook, they show up as blank in her advancements profile. Not completed.
However, Eagle req #3 - the MBs - is shown as signed off in October by “BSA Administrator”, saying that she has completed all of her Eagle-req’d MBs?!
As SM, I did NOT sign off on this.
I confirmed with my Advancements Chair that she didn’t either.
How do we find out who is tampering with our scouts’ advancements?
And how do we fix this so she isn’t flagged when her advancements report goes in for approval?

I sent you a private message. Click the green circle with white J in the upper right of the forum screen.

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