"Approved" on Quick Entry Not Saving

Den Leaders are reporting checking the box for “Approved” during Quick Entry process doesn’t save. They have to go back to approve separately. Is this a known issue, or are they doing something wrong/out of order?

I’d suggest finding exactly what is not approving. Is it the individual adventure requirements or the adventure itself?

Our pack has run into problems with Quick Entry and things that were marked for approval or Blue Check not saving. Let me ask how your den leaders enter items, do they enter and approve individual requirements or they just mark the whole award as approved?

I think the problem lies with the way items are entered, in quick entry if the Den Leader just “Selects All” requirements, enters the date and checks approved/recorded, I think it will mark the award as “approved” as all requirements were checked off at once.

However, if a Den Leader quick enters and approves individual requirements for an award, it will approve each requirement but will mark the award as Earned and “Green Check”. Then you have to go back into each scout record and approve the award.

I don’t why Scoutbook isn’t smart enough to figure out that when all requirements for an award are approved, the award should be approved automatically by the last approved requirement date.

Some are entering as individual requirements (for AOLs). Non-AOLs sometimes do a whole adventure at once.

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