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Scoutbook Quick Entry Not Approving Adventure

When we use the quick entry option for a den and select either all the requirements or the ‘Select All’ option and click the ‘Approved/Recorded’ checkbox, the site marks all the requirements as approved but the main adventure is only marked as ‘Completed’. It is not marked as ‘Approved’ and we have to go into each scouts record and mark the adventure as ‘Approved’ which defeats the purpose of using the quick entry option. So none of these are showing up on the ‘Needs Purchased’ reports to know what we need to purchase to be awarded.

this is an old bug - most make a report builder that shows adventures and % to catch them - it is in the backlog to fix

Check your needs approval report. You wouldn’t have to approve them individually.

I think he is talking about the issue where they go 100% but do not complete

IDK, he said it’s completed but not approved. But we’ll see.

Yeah, I was just reporting when all the requirements are marked as approved but the main Adventure is not.

I did a manual approval of all for the pack but wanted to report this issue.

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