Adventure Quick Entry

I wanted to alert someone that the “adventure quick entry” is not working when it was working before. Whether I click “select all” for the requirements or select them individually…the function doesn’t “approve” them after I check “approve” and then save. Before it would do this nicely and then I wouldn’t have to go into each Scout’s account and update their requirements…now, even if I use this function…I have to go back and “approve” them all as the function only marks them as “completed” and turns it green…not blue.
This is tough…not only to add it to a PO to purchase but I have to update each Scout individually.

Can someone fix this programming?

Thank you,
Pack 722 Castro Valley.

@ElisaWilfong - do the items ever show up on the needs approval report for the Pack ?

yeah something is not kosher here - it DID put them in Purchase report so it thinks they are approved? but it is in a completed state? You can go to Den > Reports> and use the Needs Approval Report to do them all at once - I will also report the bug

They will not be added to my PO so…that is what I see. They will only be added if they are “approved”

I haven’t checked that. I have been in a rush and had to fix them so they would add to my PO unfortunately. Just needed to get the awards and make the accounting correct.

@ElisaWilfong - that would have been the first place to look if I were in that spot.

This is working as designed. When using quick entry to enter individual requirements (sometimes at different times), if it autocompleted and auto approves the adventure, there would be no notice to the den leader that it’s complete. As it is, the notice is the needs approval report. Den leaders should get in the habit of checking it for items entered by parents.

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