Approving new MB for dual-registered venturer

One of my venturers has just flipped to asking the crew to manage his advancement (after discussion with the crew and troop committees). He’s gotten First Class with the troop. When the Crew Advisor (who is the Unit Leader for Venturing Crews) or I (Committee Chair) go to record an Initial Unit Leader Signature, I get “Invite [youth] Scoutmaster or unit leader to connect so they can sign scout blue card.”

How do I tell scoutbook that the crew is managing his advancement now? The Guide to Advancement makes it sound informal - paraphrasing: “get everyone to agree on who’t managing the advancement, and go with that”

I see @DonovanMcNeil and @jacobfetzer asking BSAIDs for similar issues, so I’ll share. 131813020. AFAIK, he’s only got one BSAID, and both the Troop and the Crew are in the same council.



It is a known issue that Crew and Ship leaders are not able to mark the initial unit signature in SB. At this time we do not know when it will be scheduled for developer time.

Lack of initial unit leader signature is not prevent you from connecting an MBC to the Scout, the MBC approving reqs or the overall MB or you approving the overall MB.

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