How to give initial merit badge signature for youth in two troops

I cannot give “initial unit leader signature” for a merit badge for a youth in my troop.

My background: I am a new Scoutmaster who previously administered a Pack in Scoutbook. I have already successfully given initial unit leader signature for another youth in my troop.

Youth background: The youth is in two troops, in two different councils. They have two BSA IDs, which I’m told is necessary, each connected to one troop. The ID connected to the other troop, not ours, is used to track advancement.

The youth will begin a merit badge through a counselor associated with our troop, so I was asked to give initial signoff.

The youth’s parent connected me to the youth’s other troop’s BSA ID in Scoutbook. I can see the youth in my profile’s My Connections page, and view all of their advancement.

However, when I try to toggle “Initial Unit Leader Signature”, I get an error saying “Invite [youth]'s Scoutmaster or unit leader to connect so they can sign scout blue card.”

How can I resolve this problem? I can guess at a few possible answers, but I don’t understand the internals of Scoutbook well enough to know which is correct:

  • Am I missing a permission that the parent needs to add?
  • Do I need to be given permission by a Scoutbook administrator of the other troop?
  • If someone else in my troop entered summer camp merit badges, does that mean that they have the required permissions?
  • Do I need to contact the Scoutmaster of the other troop and have them give initial signature?
  • Something else?

Thanks in advance for your advice.



Post the Scout’s BSA Member ID (no names) and we will investigate.

BSA ID of the account connected to the other troop is 12390093


The problem is that the Scout is registered in 2 Councils. Scoutbook only supports 1 BSA Member ID per account.

What I suggest you do is add the Scout’s 12390093 account to your Troop. He will appear with a :warning: icon but that will connect you to him with full control. All of the Scout’s advancement should be managed through this ID.

Let me know when you have added the Scout to your roster as I need to have the developers make a change so he is not removed after 60 days.

Or you can have other Troop make you a leader in their Troop - then system would work for scout

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