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I have one scout that I am unable to sign off as the unit leader for the parent madge. SB user ID is 349492.

I have initiated three others for our crew. Unsure how tor resolve.

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Thank you!)

@AaronAkins not sure what you mean by this - parent madge?

Yes I think lost in translation. lol

I cannot sign off as the unit leader for the whitewater merit badge - just the initial sign off to get him started.

can you post a screenshot of what you see when you click to complete the MB?

This is what I would expect to see from a different scout (Anderson) that works fine -


For Nathan though, it does not recognize me as the Crew Advisor to start the merit badge -


Also will not allow me to help him connect to a counselor -


So this is the Crew? First of the Initial signature is trivial and effects nothing. I think what I would try is Go to unit Roster in Scoutbook > Click your name > click Admin > click Update - see if that resolves it

Yes it is for the crew. I tried in the roster and it says I am Crew Admin. Would not let me add just “admin” though I see that in the dropdown. Only reason I was trying to resolve this was to help get his merit badge counselor invited as a connection.


click the crew admin and update it

Tried that but no change at this moment. Appreciate the suggestion.

Something is wrong the the Scout SB account

Venture Participants are fine - the Venture Scouts are the issue

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