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April 25, 2019 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • An issue that caused initial invitees to not be populated on some Patrol calendars and Lion Den calendars has been fixed.
  • JTE Score and Leader Training Percentage has been removed from Pack/Troop/Crew/Ship pages. The data behind them was not available or inaccurate.
  • The Getting Started FAQ link that appeared on some user’s dashboards has been fixed to point to the new Scoutbook Help page
  • The unit forum link has been updated to point to the new unit forum if one exists or hidden the unit does not currently have a unit forum. Legacy unit forums can be accessed via the Legacy Forums link on the Scoutbook home page.
  • The issue with sending e-mail not being sent that started on April 24, 2019 has been resolved. Messages were queued and are now being sent.
  • An issue that caused some leader’s Youth Protection Training to have the incorrect training date has been fixed. YPT dates will be updated overnight tonight and should be correct on Friday, April 26, 2019.

New Features

  • Sea Scouts Ship Calendar enhancements
    • Populate initial invitees based on activity type
    • Enable attendance
    • Ship specific event types added