July 4, 2019 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Report Builder
    • Fixed an issue that caused Report Builder to omit some or all data from a downloaded csv.
    • Selecting Rank Requirements without Rank Status resulted in a blank report. Report Builder will imply Rank Status was selected for any rank where Rank Requirements was selected. The Rank Status checkbox will not be automatically set unless the report is saved and re-opened for editing.
    • Fixed several issues seen in system logs that may have resulted in an error being displayed.

New Features

  • Merit Badge Counselor Search
    • Unit Leaders may now indicate the zip code for the starting location of a search for Merit Badge Counselors. The default zip code remains the zip code of the unit’s Charter Organization. The search continues to be sorted from the specified zip code.
  • Training
    • Scoutbook no longer tracks adult training except as noted below. All adult training is stored in Training Manager at my.scouting.org. Youth training continues to be tracked by Scoutbook.
    • The legacy Trained Leader Report in the unit’s report menu, has been retired and replaced with a link to the Unit’s Trained Leader Report in my.scouting.org. The new link is Trained Leader Status on the Unit’s Report menu. Any user who had access to the legacy Trained Leader Report has access to the Trained Leader Status report.
    • A link to the Unit’s Youth Protection Training Report in my.scouting.org has been added to the Unit’s Report Menu. Any user who had access to the legacy Trained Leader Report has access to the Youth Protection Training Report.
    • The My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → My Training link will now point directly to the user’s dashboard in my.scouting.org.
    • Scoutbook continue to import Youth Protection Training dates each night to validate Merit Badge Counselors.

Please send suggested improvements to the training reports to myscouting@scouting.org