October 12, 2022 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Award Approval
    • An issue that allowed some awards to be approved without being completed has been fixed.
    • An issue that caused the Leader Approved check box to not be displayed on some requirements or overall award completions has been fixed.
  • E-mail messages
    • An issue that caused some e-mail messages from Scoutbook to omit the unsubscribe link has been fixed.
  • Member Search
    • An issue that caused Member Search to return no results on the Add Leader and Add Connection pages has been fixed.
      NOTE: This fix only applies to Registered Adults - NOT Parents who are not registered leader. A fix to return un-registered adults is in development.
  • An issue that prevented parents from searching for known Merit Badge Counselors on the Scout’s Connection page to connect to their Scouts has been fixed.
  • Purchase Orders
    • An issue that caused an incorrect count of NOA devices on Purchase Orders has been fixed.
  • Rosters
    • The :warning: icon has been restored for individuals not on the official roster at my.scouting.org

New Features

  • Connection Search
    • An option to only return registered Merit Badge Counselors (MBC) has been added to the Connection Search page.
  • Award Approval
    • Awards, excluding Merit Badges, will now be marked Leader Approved when all underlying requirements are marked Leader Approved. Merit Badges still require a discussion with the unit leader to obtain the final signature on the Blue Card or approval in Scoutbook, thus Merit Badges require explicit leader approval on the final completion.