April 30, 2024 New Calendar Updates

Bug Fixes

  • ASAP Reminders
    • An issue that caused ASAP reminders to be sent every time the event was saved has been fixed. The editor will need to use +Add Reminder and select ASAP to send a new ASAP reminder.
  • Duplicate Event
    • An issue that prevented duplicating events with RSVP responses already received has been fixed. When duplicating an event, RSVPs on the copy will be set to the default response of Maybe.
  • Reminders
    • An issue that caused one reminder to be recorded in the event for every invited individual has been fixed. Only one reminder will be listed for each reminder sent.
  • RSVP
    • An issue that required individuals with multiple roles to select the “proper” role in order to RSVP has been fixed. Any role that can view a calendar event can RSVP for the logged in user and their child(ren).
    • The confirmation dialog when RSVPing for yourself has been removed. Since it is easy to change RSVP value and there is no confirmation dialog when RSVPing for others, this one is not needed.

New Features

  • ASAP Reminders
    • The subject of the ASAP Reminder e-mail has been updated to indicate the unit or sub-unit the event applies to. For multi-unit or sub-unit events, the subject will be prefixed with “Multi Unit”.
      Note: There is a known issue where the unit Calendar list inside of the reminder says “Multi Unit” instead of listing the units or sub-units the event applies to. This is in the backlog to be fixed.
    • The BSA logo and signature line have been removed from ASAP reminders.
    • The reply-to: field of ASAP reminders contains the e-mail address of the individual who caused the reminder to be sent, allowing recipients to send a reply.
  • Description Field Links
    • Links in the Description field of a calendar event will now open in a new browser tab instead of the same tab as the event.
  • Invitees/Attendees Panel
    • My Youth Connections have been removed to the top of the Invitees/Attendees panel for easier access.
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