April 4, 2023 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Auto Approved Ranks and Awards
    • An issue that caused Auto Approved ranks and awards (those where all requirements are approved) to use BSA Administrator to be listed as approver instead of the individual who approved the last requirement has been fixed.
  • Connection Removal
    • An issue that caused some connections on the My Connections page to not be able to be removed has been fixed. Note unit admins will still have non-revocable full control connections to all Scouts in the unit and parent connections can only be removed by the parent or by Councils.
  • Conservation Service Award
    • The Public Health Merit Badge has been replaced by the Sustainability Merit Badge in the Conservation Service Award requirements.
  • Council Admin Send Message
    • An issue that prevented Council Admins from sending messages to Merit Badge Counselors has been fixed.
    • An issue that caused the Council Send Message background process to hang has been fixed. Messages sent in March, 2023 may have been lost.
  • Report Builder
    • An issue with Scout images has been fixed. Reports generated in Report Builder will now resize Scout images dynamically within the report to make the size consistent among all photos.

New Features

  • Calendar Invite List
    • Leaders, Scouts and parents who leave the unit will be removed from existing calendar invite lists. This will prevent these leaders from receiving future calendar reminders. Current calendar events have been updated to remove all former leaders, Scouts and parents from the invite lists. This fix was updated from its previous release so that events on multiple calendars are handled properly.
      Note: Scheduled calendar reminders are still disabled.
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