Archery (Webelos) and BB Gun (Webelos) icons missing

The icons for Archery (Webelos) and BB Gun (Webelos) adventures in Scoutbook are missing/broken.

They point to:

The corresponding Scoutbook Plus icons:

(I realize these aren’t the same images.)

By comparison, the “Build It” adventure icon is working:

Trying to access the 130_100.png and 131_100.png directly, I get the following errors:


Access Denied




Access Denied



I do not get this error when accessing 71_100.png directly, and that image displays/downloads properly.


@AaronKoerner are you talking about or (Scoutbook+)?

On the side.


All Cub Scout advancement is now in Scoutbook Plus (

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The new program is not being implemented on the old platform

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Okay, that makes sense, thank you.

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