Are Scouts able to see the MB Counselor List with their Scoutbook Login?

Looking for the source of truth, are scouts able to log into their Scoutbook and view the MB Counselor List? That is, Scouts are able to locate an available counselor through the Scoutbook?

Our leadership is saying yes Scouts are able to find a counselor through their login. If so, what are the steps? Or, settings needs to be adjusted because my scout is unable look for an MB Counselor through Scoutbook.

Also, I did notice this message through my profile: " This page is only viewable by unit leaders. Parents, Scouts and other users do not have access to this page."

I attached screenshots: (1) My Dashboard from my Scout’s phone and (2) what I see from my login.

(1) Scout My Dashboard

(2) Scouter My Dashboard

Thank you in advance!

@JamesHormigoso they cannot


Guide to Advancement Unit Merit Counselor Lists … Due to concerns about merit badge counselor privacy and since Scouts should receive the names and contact information from the Scoutmaster, unit counselor lists should not be made available to Scouts.




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