How to give scouts access to Merit Badge Counselors

I know this was asked before about leaders having access.

Can registered Scouts and/or Parents receive access?

@AndreaHerran - the guide to advancement prohibits scouts from having access

I do not understand what you are asking. Are you asking about access to the Merit Badge Counselor (MBC) list? Or connecting to individual MBCs?

The merit badge counselor list in Scoutbook is limited to troop leaders. The reason is because the BSA would like Scouts to follow the process as outlined here:


Access to the list so they can contact the MBC personally.

I don’t understand how giving them access means they are not following process. Many of the merit badge counselors don’t even use the blue cards as they can enter the information directly into Scoutbook. The process now requires them to either send me an email asking for a MBC for the badge of their choice (I can take up to a week to answer depending on my work/private obligations) or asking me at a meeting. I take screen shot and give them the information. Yes they can ask a couple others but they are in the same situation as myself.

@AndreaHerran - the bsa guide to advancement says no… which part of no dont you understand

@WilliamNelson - please lock this as the user and unit do not understand nor follow the guide to advancement

I understand what the advancement guide says - what I am asking is “why”. Didn’t know that was also against the guide.

@AndreaHerran - if you knew and understood the guide you would nit even ask. The list us provided to units to facilitate the discussion between the scout and unit leader… end of discussion

You are correct it is the end of the discussion because you are rude and disrespectful.

@AndreaHerran _ Merit Badge Counselor Lists

The council or district counselor list or database is made
available to troops, crews, and ships. Scouts should not
have access.

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The G2A makes this clear, if you haven’t checked it out, I’d recommend it as it not only gives the rule, but some theory. The why. It talks about a Scout needing to go to the unit leader to have a mini-SM conference to talk about the badge, understanding where the Scout is interested, and a general checkin.


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