Give Parents access to MB Counselor List

Is it possible to grant Parents (or Scouts) the ability to access the MB Counselor List in Scoutbook? It seems like there are only a limited number of adult leaders who can access it. Once the Scout has the permission from the Unit Leader to work on a Merit Badge, it should be up to the Scout to find a Counselor. I don’t mind searching the list for my Scouts, but why not let the Scout (or at least their parents) browse the list?

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Per the BSA (via past posts by SUAC), the merit badge list will only be visible to unit leadership. In practice, I think any scouter in the unit can actually see the list. In principle, scouts are required to get the name and contact info from the unit leader (i.e. scoutmaster) or their designee. The Scoutbook implementation is just enforcing that rule.


@TerrenceRomance - let me be a tailgating person here… take a gander at the BSA Guide to Advancement and determine if scouts should have access to MBC lists. My guess is survey says no.

But as Charlie has noted an individual noted on the leadership side of the scoutbook ledger may have access to that report from the troop main page.

But in the end please do follow the GTA on the process.


The Guide to Advancement is very explicit that Merit Badge lists are not shared with Scouts:
Section says (emphasis added):


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