Are scouts able to select multiple requirements at once? Scout quick entry?

We use the Chrome Extension for Scoutbook, which thankfully allows a lots of features that previously caused frustration. However, one helpful item seems to have disappeared.

Previously, when in an advancement page (Tenderfoot, for example) we were able to click beside the box for a requirement (rather than on it) in order to pop up a date. We could then select multiple requirements to be completed on that date, rather than having to do each one separately. Now when we attempt this, nothing happens, meaning scouts have to spend much time tediously entering each requirement separately. (I am aware that as a leader I can go to quick entry to complete these for scouts, but we are encouraging our scouts to take responsibility for their own advancement and mark requirements as they are completed.)

Is there still a way for SCOUTS to do a quick entry of requirements?

The feature to click on the text and get a date box at bottom is only for merit badges. It works for Scouts as well

Erin - I never put a feature in the Extension to quickly check off requirements on any advancement item- rank, adventure, award or merit badge.

Not a bad idea though!

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