Are the calendar ics subscription links unique to the user?

Our unit does not have widespread adoption of Scoutbook, but I would like to share the ical links with families that want to subscribe to a central calendar. Are the den and pack ics links unique to the scoutbook user or generic? If they are unique, are there unintended functionality consequences of sharing them? Thank you.

@hunterjonsson - our units have subscribed to the ical for the unit websites. You can check that out to see how it works at then click on the unit websites links.

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Thanks, we don’t have a website so that’s not an option yet, but it does suggest that the ics links are generic and everyone views the same thing.

The ICS are isolated to units so not unique to users

Share away. The only caution is that once someone has it, they can see all of your future events for forever, and you don’t know who subscribes.

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Thank you, that’s a helpful privacy concern to keep in mind. That would still be the case if a family logged into scoutbook and retrieved the link in the traditional way - they could stay subscribed to the ical link indefinitely, right?

That’s correct. I haven’t had any issues with it, but I wouldn’t share the link on a public website, for example.

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