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Calendar ICS replication

Can this be stripped from the ICS calendar feeds? Suspect it would be a setting on the server side in the ICS calendar generation.

For more information please visit: HTTP://

For examples of what it looks like when the ICS is used:

This also comes across if you subsribe to a calendar through Google, any calendar program, or your phone.

What is the problem statement? It is nice to have the link to the event in the feed.

It is added clutter on calendars/webpages in my opinion

Are there different versions of ICS that may effect what can be done? Is the URL information transmitted in some type of envelope where display is controlled by the end user’s calendar display features (or options) or is the ICS server embedding the link information in the text of the event description when transmitted via ICS? I suspect we need to know which version of ICS is being used to transmit the calendar event information.

The text is in the actual ICS file which resides at

I opened the ICS file with a text editor and this is one of the many lines where the text is added. No matter what way I import the information, it will appear on every entry. :frowning:

DESCRIPTION:\n\nFor more information please visit: HTTP://

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