ASM assigning Merit Badge Counselors

Hello everyone,

Last year (in Scoutbook) we noticed that our SM was not given the access to assign a Merit Badge Counselor to a Scout. It was random, some Scouts it worked and others it didn’t. We used the work around by searching the MB list and then going into the Scout’s connections. Then we noticed that the other ASMs were no longer able to assign Merit Badge Counselors at all. And they are unable to access the Scout’s connections, so they can’t use the work around.

Then the Feature Assistant came along with the “Invite” for the Merit Badge Counselor list. I was excited that our ASMs would be able to assist the SM again. But no. They can try to invite, but the list I see as an Admin doesn’t show up for them.

As the admin, is there something I’m missing in the permissions?


If you provide the BSA member IDs for the adults that are not able to connect MBCs to Scouts we can investigate.

The feature assistant will not enable actions that can’t be done in native scoutbook. It essentially does all of the clicks for you behind the scenes.

It kinda sounds like the ASMs don’t have the correct connection type to the scouts in question.

What does Connection Manager say is the connection between the ASM(s) and the scout(s) in question?

Hi Jacob
I knew this, but as the wife of an IT guy, I’ve learned to supply all of the actions taken so that IT can replicate the situation as close as possible.
I wanted to thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

Hi Ed,

It is all of the ASMs for both Hatboro Troops 81B and 81G, Washington District, Cradle of liberty Council. Our district Scoutbook contact (Tracy) has been wonderful helping us so far. Troop 81G has had so many issues with our rosters that I’m beginning to think it may all be connected.
The ASMs from 81B filled out applications for 81G and were entered into Scoutbook ( by district/council). Then earlier this year, half of them were kicked off the my.scouting rosters. They still remain in Scoutbook.
If you email me, I’d be glad to provide you the Member ID information for our ASMs.
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I sent you a private message. Click on your avatar in the upper left corner of the forum window.

Hi Charley,

All ASM’s have Edit & View Advancements and View Profile. We have never given them Edit Profiles or Full access. That is strictly for Key 3, Admins and Parents (of their own Scout).

You have to have a full control connection to the scout to edit their connections.


Ditto what Jacob said. Connecting adults to scouts, including Merit Badge Counselors requires full control. Not all Scoutmasters want their ASMs connecting MBCs, so that is the control mechanism

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@lkirkwood-HT81 - based on what has been posted this is a self imposed embargo, not a bug or flaw but swift execution of design. I think within the scoutbook help section is matrix of what each level of connection affords.

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