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Can’t add Merit Badge Counselor

My troop is transitioning to SB for advancement, and is now mandating that we use SB for merit badge completion as opposed to physical blue cards. Sounds great in theory. Unfortunately SB is possibly the least intuitive program I’ve ever used. Oh and it doesn’t work half the time but I digress.

So my wife recently signed up to be a MBC for First Aid. She turned in her forms to the counsel office. She created her myscouting account and YPT training. She’s good to go. She already shows up in SB as a parent.

She’s currently working with our son on First Aid. (There is no prohibition against a parent serving as MBC for their own kid - she’ll serve for others in the troop also).

I went into ScoutBook (I’m the scoutmaster with full admin rights, not that it should matter for these purposes) and started a new MB for my son. So far so good. Then I went to invite a MBC. I scroll down to my wife’s name who is already a connection as a parent.

Everything’s going great so far! But I forgot the First Rule Of ScoutBook: It’s never as easy as it should be, and the Second Rule of ScoutBook: It rarely works.

I tap on my wife’s name and it takes me to a Modify Connected Adult page. Okkkay. Not sure why I have to modify, but I see that “Merit Badge Counselor” under “Relationship to [my son]” is unchecked. So I check that box.

And then I get a message at the bottom saying “This Merit Badge Counselor cannot approve any merit badges this Scout is working on.

So then I tried adding her as a leader even though MBCs aren’t leaders. But there’s no option there to add MBCs.

Any ideas?


A Merit Badge Counselor must be registered by the Council in ScoutNET before the position and badges counseled appear in Scoutbook. I have sent you a private message so I can investigate your wife’s situation. Please click on the tan circle with white B in the upper right corner of your forum window.


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