Can't connect certified Merit Badge Counselor to Scout

I am Scoutmaster of my son’s unit. I have an ASM on my team who just registered to be a Camping Merit Badge counselor. Over the summer he successfully accepted my invite to help counsel a scout, and marked the badge completed (blue check mark).

Now another scout is asking for a camping merit badge counselor so I invited the same ASM. Only this time when I try and send an invite message the check mark to say he is a merit badge counselor is greyed out…and there is no way to select the camping merit badge in his profile (he is a counselor for many badges)

Please help if you can as we are trying to get away from physical blue cards.

If you could post the BSA member number for the merit badge counselor (MBC), we can take a look. It would also be helpful if you could post the Scout’s BSA number.

(No names, please.)

Counselor’s BSA ID 131137295
Scout’s BSA ID 134946625

Scout needs this counselor as he does Camping.


If he is already connected to the scout, go to the Scout’s connection page, click the MBC/ASM’s name then turn on the MBC check box and select the appropriate MB.

The connection search will not return anyone that is already connected.

He’s not already connected to the scout that’s the issue…I’m trying to find him and when I do, it won’t allow me to connect to him

Ok now I was finally able to add the MBC to the Scout’s connection list…but now when I click on Merit Badge Counselor…A message below comes up saying "This Merit Badge Counselor cannot approve any merit badged this Scout is working on…I don’t understand why, because I connected this MBC with a prior scout over the summer working on the same Camping Merit Badge…

Could this be a recharter issue? Does the data go offline until we recharter?

@PeterVandall The MBC’s position got messed up in Scoutbook somehow. I have requested a position sync. He should be back in Scoutbook tomorrow.

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