Adding Merit Badge Counselor Fails

For over a week now, when approving a merit badge for a scout (by the scoutmaster) and then click invite counselor, instead of going to my council’s list it goes to a search for connections for the scout. The counselor is not already in the list. So I enter the correct name, bsa id and email and it says can’t find anyone.

This happened as well back in February.

How long will this feature be down?

Thank you

This is still an issue. ugg… Scout leaders from all of our council are reaching out to me.

One approach might be to push out a message to the unit Key 3 (or at least the unit leaders) explaining how to have MBCs connect themselves to the scouts. That might at least get the proactive scouters off of your “to do” list.

The instructions (How Merit Badge Counselors (MBCs) can Connect to Scouts for Merit Badges (SB) - Scoutbook Knowledge Base) were linked in at least a couple of the other threads related to this topic.

But when will this get fixed is my question. do you admin volunteers have access to people out there?
So it is done the correct way so the Scoutmaster is aware. I will give this advice out but be good to do the opposite. Thank you for the reply and thank you for volunteering to help us Scoutbook Admins for our councils.

As far as I’m aware, the BSA doesn’t tell anyone when the fixes will be released, or even what the priority order is. The SUAC folks might know, but they can’t disclose that information without specific direction from the BSA, since (as I understand it) they have to sign NDAs to serve. I’m actually not an admin, just an ASM who has been using Scoutbook long enough to have some clue, so I try to help out where I can. :^)

In principle, the scout is getting the contact info for the MBC from the unit leader, so the unit leader should know which MBC’s contact info is being given out at that point, no? Scouts and parents can’t view the MBC list in Scoutbook themselves, so they have to get that info from some unit scouter. Per the linked help article, the unit leader and parent also get an email notification when the MBC makes the connection.

I’m still getting messages from scout leaders who still cannot do this. They are beyond frustrated. I wish there was a way that someone who has insight with the Development Team could give me an update or actually reach out to me on this one issue as I represent our very tiny council with very few staff on what the issue is or perhaps there is something else going on that we need to do at our council level. I also work in IT and am happy to help test and or work with them.