Assigning a MBC

I did not realize I could do that thru the scout’s connection page (just looked at it). TY!

@MaureenMellett The “Invite Counselor” button you see on your phone simply takes you to the Scout’s Connections page, where you can add a connection. On your Laptop, with the extension, the button is renamed “Scout’s Connections”, and a different button is added, “Lookup/Invite Counselor”.

Clicking “Invite Counselor” on your phone, and “Scout’s Connections” on your laptop are exactly the same.

The different button was added to help people who didn’t know what counselor to add. The native Scoutbook method was painful - - you needed to lookup counselors first, THEN add the connection. The different button was added to ease that process.

The original “Invite Counselor” button was renamed by the extension to “Scout’s Connections” because in reality, the page it takes you to is just the connections page, where you can add any kind of connection, not just MBCs.

I hope this removes the confusion.


Thank you. Very helpful. I confess I think of the Scout’s Connections as who in our Troop has a Connection to the Scout for Advancement purposes. It never occurred to me to click on that button to add a MBC, even within our Troop. Invite Counselor seemed like the way to go but I certainly didn’t like what it was doing for me.

And this is why I come to this page – so helpful, thank you.

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