Can't assign MBC's?

I have key 3 access and Troop Admin access (and have for years). I am having difficulty assigning MBC’s for a class. There is a newer-ish MBC who I haven’t assigned before, and when I search for them I receive an error message that they aren’t found. But when I test it by trying to assign a MBC who has been in the system for years I receive the same error msg: “No record found that satisfies the search criteria.” I searched on this site and the closest I found was to disable Feature Extensions and try to assign then. Same error msg. I have also tried this from my phone with the same error msg. Class starts tomorrow and I’ve been trying off and on for a week or so; I was hoping whatever update occurred today might resolve this but I still can’t assign a MBC. I’ve tried with multiple scouts and different MB’s, with different MBC’s, with the same result.

@MaureenMellett Do the MBCs show up when you use Scoutbook’s “MB Counselor List” search?

yes they do, and they are approved for the various MB’s I’ve been trying to assign them to

Try searching by email address.

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Also the merit badge counselor can connect to the Scout themselves by following the guide here: How Merit Badge Counselors (MBCs) can Connect to Scouts for Merit Badges (SB) - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

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Email address search also did not work (just tried).

I will forward this info. However 1) I thought in general we did not want counselors to connect with scouts directly, and 2) I don’t want this to be the permanent solution because that won’t work well for our Troop (just trust me on that). So what’s the permanent solution to getting back to assigning MBC’s?

Search should be working. Give me the member ID of the MBC and I will check and DM you
You should be able to search on email or member ID and that should work. Did you try member ID?

We would also need to know the merit badge(s).

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I’ve never tried member ID number because names have always worked. The one specific MBC I’m working on isn’t a registered adult (correct terminology?) with our Troop so I don’t know their membership number (they are an adult with our Troop who is a registered MBC though).

Update: I’ve done a bunch of testing given the info you gave me and here is where I am now (a solution, although I’d still love to be able to search by name as I used to be able to):

I used the MBC List to see if I could find the MBC’s membership ID number there – it is not, but I found they were using a different email address than I had on file. I then tried assigning the MBC using the email address and this worked. I tried it with other MBC’s and this worked as well. So as long as I lookup whatever email address a MBC is using through the MBC List I can assign a MBC. Yay.

I used the BSA membership ID number for one MBC I had the info for and was able to assign a MB in this fashion as well.

BSA membership number/SB user number – I thought we weren’t supposed to send BSA membership numbers in this forum and only SB user numbers? Or is that only for scouts? I thought it was a privacy issue or something.

When I assigned the MBC no permissions were automatically granted. In the past I thought Edit Advancement was automatically granted. I did that this time but is that generally correct? And did that change at some point or am I misremembering?

This issue was (is) across multiple MB’s and multiple MBC’s.

Do you still want one of the membership/id numbers to figure out why I can’t assign by name or that’s a different issue? And will searching by name come back at some point or am I just SOL on that one?

Thank you for your assistance.

MBCs usually just need View Profile. As long as they are connected to Scout as an MBC for a particular merit badge.

The connection will really be:
View Profile, Approve [Name] Merit Badge

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They can update requirements and sign off on a MB with just View Profile? And where would I see the connection you are referring to? If I go to Connections Manager I don’t see MBC’s that aren’t registered adults in our Troop, and I don’t see the connections when I’m assigning them as MBC, I don’t think. Or is this a behind-the-scenes look at what it would look like?

Found it under the scout’s connections. Thank you

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As a recent past Advancement Chair for a very large District - please remember that Scouts have the right to work with any approved MBC. It is hoped that the unit leader and the Scout will agree on the MBC - but the Scout must be allowed to work with the registered and approved counselor of his or her choice (page 41 of the 2021 Advancement guide). A part of Scouting is helping the Scout to have a learning experience by interaction with registered adults.

I don’t believe it is quite “just” view profile. It is view, but they can sign off on, but only on, the MBC they are connected to for that particular mb.

So it is view only PLUS specific MB full control.

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FWIW we do this not infrequently. The issue I have is in the actul assigning. But Bill Nelson tested it and is not experiencing the same issue and no one else is reporting it so I will try a different browser next time to see if that helps me. At least now I know I can use an email address and that worked.

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