Assigning a MBC

In SB mobile (or whatever it’s called when accessed on my phone) I can search for a specific MBC to invite/assign to a scout. Using SB on my computer I am given a list of hundreds, sorted by those closest to my zip code. I believe I used to be able to search for a specific name, and I know I used to be able to change the distance and whether or not the MBC was Available or not (now I get 50 miles and Available, with the only option to delete these filters but not “change” them). How can I look for a specific counselor? Getting to page 8, or later, to find the name I’m looking for is time consuming.
FWIW I am the advancement chair in our Troop and have full access.

Yes, you can search by name and invite.

  1. Select the Scout

  2. SCOUT’S NAME Advancement

  3. Select the Merit Badge (if the scout does NOT have the MB listed, they need to get a blue card entered into Scoutbook and have that meeting with the unit leader)


  5. ADD+

  6. Type in the name you want OR their e-mail address

  7. Select the MBC

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Do you have the feature assistant extension on your PC?

Apologies, forgot to include that. Yes.

Works this way on phone, not computer.

Where are you doing the search from? (What page?)

If you are on the Scout’s Merit badge Page, with the extension installed, it fgves you two options: Lookup/invite Counselor and Scout’s Connections. The Lookup Counselor does a search for the specific badge based on distance.

Without the extension, from that page, you get an Invite Counselor link, but it is the same as Scout’s Connections.

From the Unit Page, when you select Merit Badge Counselor List, you are given an option to search by Counselor Name (with or without extension).

It sounds like you are comparing options from two different pages.

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I just literally used my laptop to do this yesterday to connect a scout to a MBC. I’ve been using this method on laptops and desktops for 18 months.

And I’m able to do so without any plug-ins or extensions.

Not only that but I used my laptop just now in order to make the screen captures showing you the step-by-step way to do this.

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From my laptop just now (my son, arbitrary MB)

I don’t enter MB’s from the Unit Page, either laptop or phone. I guess maybe I have in the past if I’ve got a bunch of scouts working on the same MB at the same time, but that isn’t as common as individual MB’s. See my screen shots below from laptop (same way I enter via phone – from the scout’s Advancement page)

This is the screen shot when choosing entering a new MB for a scout from the Unit page from the laptop:

These are the screenshots from my phone:

@MaureenMellett - what is the red dot indicator to the right of the star in the url window? Additionally the phone screen shot is the default scoutbook page so you have the extension on the PC.

The Feature Assistant Extension only works on computers, not mobile devices. The Lookup/Invite Counselor function is part of the Feature Assistant Extension. The behavior you are seeing on your phone is base Scoutbook.


I guess this should be moved over to the feature assistant thread…

I prefer what I’m seeing on my phone – far easier to assign a MBC. Do I need to REMOVE the FAE to assign MBC’s and then re-install it? This feature seems to move backwards from where I’d want to be – FAE seems to generally make things easier, not more difficult.

(the red indicator is the LastPass app; saves my hundreds of passwords so I don’t have to remember them all)

@MaureenMellett - gotcha and understood. If you want the pc to match the phone then uninstall the feature assistant and do not reinstall it.

But the feature assistant has soooo many good features, just not this one. I guess short answer is I need to only assign MBC’s through my phone and not uninstall the feature assistant (blanked on that option a minute ago).

Short answer: the feature extension appears to be the issue, so it looks correct to you (and works better) because you DON’T have the feature extension. Having said that, other than this one drawback (which can be worked around by using my phone to assign MBC’s), the feature extension is sooo worth it.

@MaureenMellett If you want to keep the Feature Assistant, then I would recommend that you search for MBCs by name or e-mail by going through a Scout’s Connections page.