Assistance with Merit Badge Counselor applications and authority

Request help with my Merit Badge Counselor application. I have been approved through TAC for some and I have submitted for authority to teach others.

In Scoutbook, I had MBC authority until late Feb. now I cannot update as MBC even though my unit positions still indicate MBC as well as other adult roles.

Additionally, my new MBC application has been in processing for a few months. Anything I can do to expedite approval.

Jim Pryor

@JamesPryor you just need to talk to council - they did not recharter you as a MBC it seems

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Thanks. The rechartering process did screw some things up but I that I worked all those out. Funny thing is that I had MBC authorities from Jan-Feb. Then it stopped about the time I submitted an supplemental MBC list.



There is a 60 day grace period that would have expired on your MBC position around March 1


Thanks for the input. That may explain the situation. I contacted TAC to troubleshoot my roles and hopefully reinstate my role.


This has nothing to do with unit recharter - it is the councils recharter itself for MBC roles

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