Missing MBCounselors on Search

I am missing MB Counselors when I do a search. I know the MBC is a registered Counselor, they have Merit Badges assigned to them, in ScoutBook, and are open to being viewed by the whole council, their YPT is up to date. What is keeping them from being visible?

An example Counselor is
UserID: 12371389
BSAMemberID: 14167414

I did find that this MBC’s district was not set in Scoutbook. Could you try searching again?

It also looks like this MBC’s registration expired 12/31, but Scoutbook should be following the 60 day grace period.

I tried searching again, but still not finding him.

Our council recharters all on 12/31 each year. I was able to search on myself and was found, so the 60-day grace period is working fine. I still do not find this person.

I am adding another MBC who I do find when i search on, can you see any difference in the other than idss

UserID: 8645286
BSAMemberID: 8430974



I don’t see anything wrong with MID 14167414 data in Scoutbook. We will need to ask the developers to investigate.

Are you sure the MBC is NOT already connected to the Scout?

MBC is not connected to any Scouts.

Thank you for having it looked into.
I have more than one of these MBC who do not return anything when searching. Once we have the cause for this counselor, will need to see about others.

I am a new advancement chair and I need help with adding the newest MB counselors, can any one tell me how to input them?
Best Helena


MBCs must register with the Council. Once they are added by the Council, they will automatically be added to Scoutbook. Note, MBC is not a unit position. They will not appear on a unit roster.


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