Merit Badge Counselor information not right after recharter

Dear Scoutbook admins,

My MBC options have been wrong/odd since our most recent recharter. For a few days, I was no longer listed as an MBC at all. After that, it only shows about half of my approved badges and doesn’t show me the options to mark requirements for scouts.

Is this something that you can correct at Scoutbook, or is it something that one of our local people will have to fix? If the later, what position should I contact locally to help me with this?

Thank you for your time.
Morris W. (“Willie”) George
MBC, Troop 203
Jackson, TN


You need to contact your Council for issues with your MBC registration. The folks who answer the main phone at your Council should be able to direct you to the correct person as it varies Council to Council.

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I reported similar issues earlier today. It’s probably a local issue, but could be an issue with the database(s) that communicate with Scoutbook. I do not consider the case solved.

It sounds to me like the district recharter (which includes MBCs) did not get completed within the 60-day grace period after it expires, which caused the position to be dropped entirely. Then, when they added you back, they only added some of the merit badges. Do you have reason to believe otherwise?


Unfortunately, that is very likely what has happened. I will try to reach out to the district people.

Jacob, is there a way for me to register as a MBC directly with some group higher than my district? There seems to be a trend right now where district paperwork doesn’t get processed correctly or in a timely fashion.


Each Council decides if their MBCs will be registered with the District or Council. Your Council Advancement Committee should be able to provide information on the MBC registration process in your Council.


All, there is a system bug that is updating Merit Badge assignments to Merit Badge Counselors based on old lists. This can cause either removal of badges unexpectedly or additions of badges you had previously but were ended. This has been reported and assigned to developers to fix.


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