Attachments for Merit Badge Counselor

I’d like to be able to add a copy of a blue card to document requirements done with another counselor. There is a camera icon in the notes area, but it doesn’t work. There is an entry in 2020 that pdf attachments were being worked on. I guess that didn’t go anywhere.

You should be able to upload pics using the camera icon, but I think pics might need to be in a jpg format.

This is correct, only jpg can be uploaded.

It won’t allow me to upload pics of any format. I click on the camera icon and nothing happens.

Are you trying to do that for the overall merit badge or individual requirements?

It’s working for me from an iPhone. What device are you using?


Is this a Scout where you are only connected as a MBC? If it is, can you try adding a photo to a Scout where you have a full control connection and let us know if that works?

There may be a file size limit.

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Overall badge. The picture icon is there - it just doesn’t work.

I never get far enough to see if that’s the problem.

I can do it for Advancement Requirements for Scouts in my unit. I can’t do it as a Merit Badge counselor for a Scout in a different unit. I haven’t tried as a MBC for Scouts in my unit.

Devices I’ve tried all with Chrome Browser
Desktop PC
Laptop PC
Samsung Android phone
Samsung Android tablet

Ed just confirmed that it’s a bug with MBCs for scouts not in their unit. He has reported it to the developers.

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Please remember that Iphones use HEIC (natively) not JPG for taking pictures.

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