Download pictures of blue cards into Scoutbook

My scouts often send me JPGs of their completed blue cards. When I click on the camera icon and upload the photo at the bottom of the merit badge page, the photo thumbnail shows up as if it has been uploaded. However, when I exit and go back in that merit badge, the photo does not show up, as if it was never uploaded. There is no save option. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

@GenevieveSchuberth it has never worked well - really gets down to a storage issue and limits of the BSA Storage. Blue Cards are not needed the minute a unit approves the final date, as the MB is totally official at that point.



Did you just click the camera icon and upload the photo or did you also include text? Photos do not save unless there is a text comment to attach them to.


yeah forgot that - it seems like they do but then it fails

That worked! I never knew I had to type text in order for the photos to show up. Thank you! I just like to be extra careful to have that documentation for my Scouts that are going for Eagle, in case it is ever questioned. Thank you all for your helpful hints!

@GenevieveSchuberth - at the eagle stage there should be no questioning.

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