Attendance Report / Roster Issues

I have two Scouts who I can see on the screen to log Scribe recorded attendance but whose icons are not active (they won’t record as present). They are also not visible on the Troop Roster in IA or ScoutBook and do not show up in ScoutBook Report Manager selection screen. They are members and are attending. I am Key Three delegate for troop. Cannot find anywhere these Scouts DO appear where I can find their BSA ID#s.

Are they in my.scouting roster?

No, they do not appear to be.

They don’t appear to be registered members of your unit.

OK. Then why do they show up on the event invitees? I think they were both Cub Scouts but how would their names and in one case photos show up on our event invitee list?

If someone added them to Scoutbook “temporarily”, the system (I think) still permits that. However, that’s not the same as them actually being registered. I’d suggest checking with the relevant folks in your troop to make sure that the new scout applications were sent to council (or registered online through beascout). If so, a call to the registrar might be in order.

ETA: I realized this needs some clarification. If you add someone to the unit “temporarily” (i.e. just in Scoutbook), it allows you to add them as invitees to events. However, if they “expire” from the unit (I think there’s a 60-day grace period), they disappear from the roster (an end date gets added to the Scoutbook account). I had assumed that would remove them from events, but I guess not.

They must have been in unit at one point - if you are talking about a Scoutbook Event

Yes. And are actively participating currently based on report I receive weekly from Troop Scribe for input to attendance. (We’ve not yet advanced to Scribe entering on line himself! Small steps…)

Well depending on your recharter date - they might not have been members for a while which could effect advancement

OK. I think I see enough here to give me a path forward around checking their BSA registration status. Thanks for the suggestions. May be back if checking on that doesn’t resolve.

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you might want to look under Your Account > My Connections - you might be connected to them and can get BSA# or Scoutbook ID there.

Donovan: Yes! 12874709 - Shows membership ended 9/25/22. Was transfer from another council so may also have a duplicate ID issue. 134637542 - Shows membership ended 7/2/22.

@JohnRoberts9 Neither ever registered with T 848

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OK. Both transferred from Cub Scouts. Will follow up with relevant committee member. Once again you have quickly gotten me to solution!

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