Scout missing in attendance

We have a scout who is showing in a patrol, but does not show up in attendance. This appears to be an issue from a couple years ago, but unsure how to get it fixed?

Second, we have another scout showing up twice in attendance, but only once in a patrol and the troop roster. Thoughts on this?

On first scout is the Scout invited to the event?

@JacobKirsch on second scout - what is BSA #?

For the first scout, it appears he was not invited to any of the meetings. My assumption is there was a delay in his account being moved to the troop, so the other crossovers he came with were added, but he was not because he wasn’t in Scoutbook at the time. Simple enough, thanks!

For the second scout, the ID is 136902279. His roster entry has a thumbnail photo that shows in the calendar invite, but the second instance of him does not have an image.

Oddly enough, when I invited the first scout to a meeting to record his attendance, the second scout no longer shows in the invitee list. I’m guessing there is a stale link to an old account in the calendar invites, and it gets cleaned up upon editing the invitees. In fact, I noticed another scout who left the program was showing in the invited list until I added the first scout. This action appears to clean up stale invitees that were either incorrect records, or are no longer with the troop. Perhaps there needs to be a reconciliation process that removes invitees of accounts that are no longer on the unit’s roster?

@JacobKirsch the second scout had 3 accounts - that is all cleaned up

Wow, thanks! I’ll look into submitting a couple feature requests:

  • Ability to include all members to an event such that adding a member to the roster will automatically include them in future events. Otherwise, a new member must be manually added to every future event.

  • A reconciliation task that cleans up members who have been removed from the roster in future events.


The first item has previously been requested. The problems that come up include determining who is invited. For example, unit meetings invite all youth, but possibly not all adults (e.g. maybe unit leader and assistant unit leaders, but not committee members, parents at the pack level but likely not for troops and crews), and that that timing of adding people can be incompatible with the timing for the event (e.g. inviting people to events that have to be registered for long in advance).

One issue with the second item is how folks unintentionally dropped from units (e.g. errors at recharter or mistakes by unit scouters or parents ending memberships trying to move from one subunit to another) get handled. Having to manually re-add someone to events can be cumbersome.

The good news is that both of these tasks can be semi-automated using the Feature Assistant Extension: Feature Assistant - What is it?

I suspect the second item’s issue is exactly how we ended up with erroneous/duplicate invitees in events (duplicate scout in roster due to a registration/charter issue that was included in a “select all”). Good suggestion about the feature assistant…I’ll have to check into that.

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