Attendee list includes members no longer on charter or roster

How do we permanently remove people from the invitee lists? We have a few who aged out or left along with their parents. None of which are on our roster.

Have you put an end date on their membership in Scoutbook?

They are not listed on the roster to remove- they are only on the event invite list.

Is this the invite list for an old event or a repeating event?

I just went in to verify if it occurs on either of the categories, and they are all off the list now. ??? As of last week, they were still on the list. yeee hawww!!!

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Hey D’Onne! Like @DonovanMcNeil asked, are these old (created before 4/6) or new events?

But also to clarify, they are no longer listed in events after last week?

Sorry-I read that wrong! I am not sure if they were Created before 4-6.

@D_OnneMurray can you post BSA # of those showing that should not be please

I was having a similar issue, and was able to do this to refresh the invitee list and remove older invites. The other stipulation, a few “event type” changes and I had to update that event to the newer “event type” version first, for the Add Unit/Subunit to work.

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