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Recording visitors to Troop meetings in Scoutbook

It would be handy to have a way to record visitors to our troop meetings that are not registered members of the troop. That way we can follow up with potential new members, youth and adults. Can Scoutbook do this?

Though perhaps a good idea - that is outside of the Scope of Scoutbook


The work around for attendance is to also record it in a comment to the calendar event.

Even when you take attendance for the event by making stars on the folks who attended, this does not lock the attendance. Each invitee shown on an event must have an approved membership in that unit. If their status changes after the event, they no longer show on the event. So checking in May the attendance at a December pack meeting is inaccurate because the scouts who bridged in February (and transferred out) are not shown.

If you record attendance in both the invitees and in a comment, you can use the attendance report feature for registered attendees and have a record of all attendance, including non-registered attendees.

Thank you Doug,
During the pandemic I’m sure BSA understands how important it is to record visitors for contact tracing. I appreciate your quick reply, I’ll begin recording them in the notes.

I will also stop transferring our historic event attendance from TroopMaster to Scoutbook, since, as you indicate, the data I’ve been painstakingly entering using the star marked attendees will slowly disappear, unless I begin recording all attendees in the notes section.

Do you know, if a Scout leaves the troop and then comes back a year later, is his/her data archived and restored when he rejoins, or will we need to re-enter that old data again?

Thanks again!

Yes the data is archived as long as Council finds same scout

Thank you Donovan, that makes sense since I can add new Scouts if I can find their BSA #.

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