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Audit Log: New Date/Time Field

Continuing the discussion from Audit Log Field:

Update? This change has not been made to the Audit Log Report.

Request additional date/time field be added to the Audit Log that reports the date/time when new data is recorded, regardless of the data being entered.

User Story: A leader needs to determine all service hours reported and recorded during a period (not the actual dates worked).

VR, Charles

Can you help me understand why you care when it was reported?

From Charles’ previous discussion:

“Rationale: allows auditor to see when an entry was made regardless of the date completed. Helps find recent entry errors, and find when activities are entered for better reporting at COH.”

Still don’t really understand why that should be part of the audit log.

Honestly, I don’t really understand the user story that someone needs to report on new hours reported during a particular time period, vs. when the service was completed.

I can see some benefits to being able to screen for “stuff that was modified recently” so any QA (e.g. duplicate entry checks) can be time focused rather than event-focused. (e.g. I don’t have to look at changes older than “X” date, because I already reviewed those).

I’m not sure I would personally use it, but I can see some utility, particularly for a unit with really squirrelly activity logs.

Each quarter we compile activities, ranks, MBs, etc. for a Scout of the Quarter recognition. Part of that includes reporting activities. I have several times run into scouts reporting activities or MBs that were actually completed in previous quarter but reported late. The activity summary report only reports by the date and event occurred. Adding date/time of data entry allows me to extract those activities.

Aside from that an audit logs purpose is to help audit data entries for who/when/what, rather than simply report out completion dates. If I remember correctly, the audit log used to report data entry time stamps before it was changed.

There exist multiple other reports whose focus is to summarize or detail activities by completion date.

I can easily see a scenario where I entered something five minutes ago but put in the wrong date and now I can’t find it. Ideally the audit log could help me find it.

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Ok. That convinced me that I would personally use it. Probably twice week.

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This issue has completed development discussion. We’ll let you know when it is finished, tested and released.


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@JWPlatt - I owe you a huge debt of gratitude from our initial email many years ago… I had thought you would be the best person for the task…but I truly appreciate your efforts and one of these day we will meet and enjoy some down time. :slight_smile:

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