August 4, 2021 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Blue Cards
    • When searching for Blue Cards, the default start date is now left blank.
  • Clean Old MBC Connections
    • An issue that prevented Clean Old MBC Connections from removing some old connections has been fixed. Clean Old MBC Connections will remove connections between the MBC and Scout(s) when the Merit Badge has been completed.
  • Payment Log Report
    • An issue that caused the Reason column of the Payment Log Report to show incorrect content has been fixed to show correct content.
  • Purchase Orders
    • An issue that prevented miscellaneous awards from being properly grouped has been fixed.

New Features

  • Lion Rank Pocket Certificates
    • Scoutbook now supports printing on the Lion Rank Pocket Certificate. The link to generate the required file to print is on the Purchase Order Screen.
  • Merit Badge Counseling Report
    • A new Merit Badge In Progress Report has been added to the Merit Badge Counselor’s Reports menu. This report will allow a Merit Badge Counselor to see in progress Merit Badges for the Scouts being counseled.
  • Reports
    • Report Builder Designer and Roster Builder Designer have an updated selection appearance. Minor presentation changes were made to numerous other reports, including icons for their sidebar menu.
  • Sea Scout Board of Review
    • Section of the 2021 version of the Guide to Advancement changed Bridge of Review to Board of Review for all Sea Scout Ranks. This change has been reflected in Scoutbook.
  • Sea Scout Leadership Awards
    • The Sea Scout Leadership Awards have now been separated into individual awards. The awards can be found on the Scout’s Awards page.

Removed Features

  • James E. West Fellowship
    • The James E. West Fellowship award for Scouts has been removed. This is not an award that is typically entered into other systems that would be required to push the award to Scoutbook. If, in the future, these other systems are updated to allow the James E. West Fellowship to be pushed to Scoutbook, it may be restored.