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August 5, 2020 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Arrow of Light Electives
    • An issue that caused electives completed after the Working Towards Arrow of Light setting was turned on to be assigned to Webelos has been fixed. Any elective completed on or after the profile setting Working Towards Arrow of Light is set will be credited to Arrow of Light.
  • Calendar
    • An issue that caused the calendar to default new events to the current date when clicking on a specific date has been fixed.
  • Leader Position Patch
    • An issue that prevented some leader’s position patches from displaying has been fixed.
  • Order of the Arrow Eligibility Report
    • An issue that caused Order of the Arrow (OA) members to be listed in both the Member and Eligible or Not-Eligible sections of the OA Eligibility Report has been fixed. OA Members with a date in the OA Ordeal field of the profile will only be shown in the Members section.
  • Print Blue Card
    • An issue that prevented Scouts from printing their own Blue Cards has been fixed.

New Features

  • Awards
    • Support has been added for the Heroism awards. These awards, when earned, are approved by the BSA, not the unit and will be added to the Scout’s profile automatically. The unit can set the awarded state.
  • Council Admin Functions
    • When a Council Admin uploads a Merit Badge Counselor list, the last list will be retained to enable the developers to more easily investigate issues.
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