Auto syncing completed requirements/Merit badges with awards or other advancement requirements

Is there anything in the works for automatically syncing requirements and awards or partial awards.

Example the Scouts earn Totin chit then they get a partial on Paul Bunyan Award.

Earn fishing merit badge then a partial on complete angler award.

Auto syncing any required Merit Badges with the NOAA awards.

I believe that the Scouts should get credit for everything they have earned. I wouldn’t want them to miss out because of poor records or an uninformed Advancement Chair and scouts would pursue more awards if they can see how close they already have come to completing them.

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There are some awards that will be linked but many will not be. Links are added when awards are updated for other reasons.

I agree it would be nice, but it’s not as simply programmatically as it sounds… Some merit badges allow you to use one activity to meet multiple requirements, and some do not. How would Scoutbook know which requirement an activity applies to which requirement?

if you look at the rowing, canoeing, kayaking, and motorboat merit badges, they all have the Safety Afloat and First Aid requirements.

it would be useful to link that requirement in all Merit badges.

(that might mean starting several at a time…)

This is a good scenario for implementing rules-based updates. Code doesn’t change, rulesets do.

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What about when you use the work on advancements or awards feature in the event creator. Right now I can add a requirement that will be completed during a specific event, once the event starts I can then set and save the attendance at the event. However, I then have to separately complete the requirements under advancement. It would be nice if I confirmed what requirements were completed at the event (from the list already saved with the event) at the time I set and save the attendance. Then those that attended would already have the advancement recorded based upon that confirmation.

Also, I’ve noticed that there is no option to enter Lion advancements on the Create Event feature. Is there a plan to include them? I have been able to enter Lion advancement requirements under the advancements, just not with an event.

Planned advancement has been broken since 2016 and we recommend it not be used. In 2016 the BSA updated Cub Scout requirements. Planned advancement was never updated with the new requirements.

In addition, it does not work the way most people expect. The planned advancement is only visible when editing the event. This means Scouts and parents cannot see the planned advancement.

We recommend putting the requirements you plan to work on at your meeting in the Event Description field so that it is available to everyone who can view the event.

What about awards like National Outdoor and World Conservation?- simply linking the Merit Badges earned and rank met would be a HUUUUGE improvement. Then reports could be used to identify scouts getting closer by the % completion.
Keep up the great work!

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