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Downstream check off request

I would love to see the ability built into scoutbook that will check off other requirements for merit badges, awards, etc.

For example, Totin chip is also a requirement for Paul Bunyan award. I had to separately find and check that off as well. Swimming merit badge calls for passing Bsa swim test which is also I think 1st class requirement.

Hopefully, I’ve conveyed my request. My thought process is how many more linked requirements to other awards most people don’t even look at most of the time that the Scout would be close to finishing. This would streamline administration and aimlessly searching through other requirements. Also a workflow that would auto complete the tenderfoot second and first class activity and overnight camping requirements with scoutbook attendance

Also, this ability would need to make sure some merit badges that specifically state they need to be separate for other requirements. Like the cooking merit badge.


This is a long time request and is in the backlog. It is not a small piece of work so awards are typically crosslinked when they are touched for another update.

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