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Automatic Parent Connection - Duplicate Connection Error

I have a new Lion scout whose parent was double connected by the sync w/ my.Scouting.


  • Sep 26, membership chair received paper application; entered scout and parent into Scoutbook, waiting for payment
  • Oct 10 - treasurer received dues
  • Oct 17 - deposit posts, membership chair sees it
  • Oct 23 - submit application
  • Oct 24 - scout and Lion Partner added to my.Scouting roster
  • Oct 25 - scout sync’s with Scoutbook, despite a difference of month in the birth date; parent is connected a second time to the scout

The result is, the parent is listed twice as parent and twice in connections. Checking both connections, it is the same account twice; everything matches, including email and BSA ID#.

I think the solution to this problem is have the parent remove one connection. If this removes both connections, I should be able to add one back.

@DonovanMcNeil SSD-86615

Two more scouts with this problem - parent connected a second time. Details:

These two scouts are brothers and transferred to our unit from a local pack.

Oct. 24 - Parent transfers both scouts’ Scoutbook accounts to our unit by adding a membership in our pack w/ the correct den. Both parents show as parents/guardians, although only one has logged in.
Oct.29 - Council processes paper transfer applications
Oct 30 - Scouts show in my.Scouting roster. Yea! However, both scouts now have 3 parent/guardians listed, as the parent who transferred them now has two connections to each scout.

@DonovanMcNeil SSD-86616 & SSD-86618

If you hover over the parents and look at the URL I imagine that the UserID= is the same - but it has different ConnectionID=

send email to - we saw one of these yesterday too - please post SSD_##### when you get the reply email so I can tie it to the other story

go into first one and reference the other 2 SSDs

Done, see above…

so I mean go into the JIRA Ticket

LOL, opps, will do…

I added a note to it for you

I have a duplicated parent as well noted in : SSD-86429

Out of curiosity (so I can screen my own unit), on which view are y’all seeing the duplicate parents? On the roster view, I only see a maximum of two parents (no duplicates), but I’m not sure that’s necessarily diagnostic. I seem to recall that, at one point, the roster view for the youth would only show up to two parents.

@CharleyHamilton Roster with Parents on would show it

@CharleyHamilton - I see the duplicated parent in unit roster view, den view and individual scout. The parent info is identical except for the connectionID number.

Thanks @DonovanMcNeil and @Stephen_Hornak. That was what I was hoping. I didn’t fancy digging through each dashboard for 70-odd scouts. :grin:

@CharleyHamilton - my hands hurt thinking about that much clicking. :slight_smile:

Roster view with parents shows all parents. We have several scouts with 4 parents.

However, when you print the roster, it only shows two parents.

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