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Extra entries of parents, and wrong parents assigned

I am a den and Pack admin and went into scoutbook to review my den members’ rank progress. I noticed that one scout’s parent was listed 3 times. Another scout has the mom listed twice. One of the mom’s entries was correct but for the other the email address said “”. My own child has my name listed twice as a parent, and a parent of a scout who left the pack 2 years ago listed as well. And my child appears twice on my dashboard.
What the heck is going on? Some weird glitch?

I have a similar thing only impact is the Pack. So items of note, if the parent is a leader, lion or tiger adult partner then they are listed three times. Another bit of info is that I had posted my pack recharter two days ago, so not sure if it is part of the issue. The troop side is fine no duplicates there but that recharter is pending.

I also did online charter renewal 2 days ago. I have tried to remove the incorrect parent from my own child but cannot. The “remove” optionnisnt there and I can’t toggle the connection switch. This adult was never connected to him when he was with the pack. There are various scouts throughout the den and pack that have these oddities going on.

BSA IT knows of this - the recharters are good clues though - send email to with connections that need to be removed

@DonovanMcNeil - Scoutbook Support Incident SSD-87593 for my dupes/triple entries

Should I do a separate submission for each scout? We also have parents who can’t access their accounts despite everything looking correct in Scoutbook.

One ticket that includes all of them is fine.

Can I submit it as a spreadsheet? That is what I am creating to track all the problems.
Thanks for all the help!

I don’t know if Member Care will open an attached spreadsheet (or if it will even get saved in Jira). It would be better to copy/paste the lines from the spreadsheet into the e-mail.

I have the following incident number for mine:

Scoutbook Support Incident SSD-87593