Automatic updates to calendar event invitee lists

We set up our unit’s calendar up to a year in advance. When initiating an event we click the “select all” option to invite all scouts. The problem arises when scouts are removed or added after the event is set-up. We have had complaints from families that have left because they continue to receive event reminders. Similarly, new families would not receive event emails until we manually go through and “re-set” each event’s invitation list. Again, as we schedule a year in advance it is difficult to manually re-invite everyone for each event any time someone is added to our roster. Thank you for your assistance.

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This is on the backlog of calendar issues to fix. The current suggested workaround is to use the volunteer written and supported Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox. It has the ability to quickly add new invitees to multiple events. For more information on the extension see Feature Assistant - What is it? - #4

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