Awarded Adventures

How do I mark adventures adeventures that are approved as awarded? The scout has already received that pin or loop.

In Scoutbook, there are a couple of approaches, depending on your role in the unit. Only a registered leader with the correct permissions can mark an item as Awarded.

For example, as a Den Leader, you can go to Scoutbook → My Dashboard → Administration → Pack #### → Den ## → Den Reports → Needs Awarding

Then select any awards that have been awarded and mark them that way.

There’s an analogous pathway for folks like Advancement Chair, Unit Admins, or the Key 3 that branches at Pack #### → Pack Reports → Needs Awarding.

There are how-to guides for unit scouters here:


Charley beat me to it for the “easier” approach, especially when you want to mark off more than a few.

But you can also go to the specific Scout’s Adventure, click on the date and then check the “Awarded” box.


Note that there does seem to be dependencies between adventures cascading into Awards. EG: If an adventure is not awarded and is a requirement for a Nova, etc … it will not cascade into the Nova unless awarded and thus blocks the Nova from the Needs Purchasing Report etc …

That’s strange. I can see it not cascading until Leader Approved, but it seems like requiring it to be Awarded is the wrong logic.

@JohnRennpferd what specific Adventure and Nova?

This is where I have seen it. Two scenarios.

Bear Goes Fishing and Critter Care not cascading as complete into the Cub Scout World Conservation Award.

Make it Move not cascading into the Tech Talk Requirements.

I agree with @CharleyHamilton that it is strange; these are the two instances that I have consistently seen it in Scoutbook, it is especially apparent in Scoutbook mobile.

Both of these flow in even just completed

The Nova one is a bug - but we have no idea what is happening with NOVAs

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The Merit badges do the same thing they do not cascade into the NOVA’s, you end up having to manually override the system.

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