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I provide tech support for this leader. Can anyone help us?

Conquistador Council
Troop 226 -
my questions.
each time I enter a merit badge as completed/approve - scoutbook automatically indicates that it has been awarded. I would rather not show a badge awarded until I have actually received and/or awarded it to the boy.
I also had gone into world conversation award to see what had been recorded for this award. I did not date it, did not indicate completed or approved. Scoutbook for whatever reason has now marked it as completed/approved/awarded. This is incorrect. The boys have not completed the conversation award.

On Matthew 's internet advancement log it indicates a few of the badges as only approved and they have been awarded at this point in time and I can not get scoutbook to acknowledge that.

Matthew D* #128407548

Dravin H* #128877977

Ethan W* #131610094

Joaquin W* #132811989

Cheryle Csakan
Advancement Troop 226

This unit is using Scoutbook not Internet Advancement Scoutbook Only.

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Would just marking it ‘Complete’ but not ‘Approved’ satisfy the itch?

This really sounds like user error - I would be happy to setup a screenshare for the user to see what is going on if she posts on this thread

Is the user using Internet Advancement or Scoutbook? Scoutbook is better than IA 2.0 if the user wants to track the Awarded status.

This unit and user is using Scoutbook not Internet Advancement. Scoutbook Only.


How does she get ahold of you?

she can post in this thread and SUAC can message her

By awarded, do you mean it shows up in the scouts profile as a picture of the award or rank?

This has not been my experience with Scoutbook.

Completed is not an issue as it can be marked off by the Scout; the leader or counselor needs to confirm/approve completion. (Similar to the left column of rank advancement the the Scout handbook.)

  • Individual rank requirements only have a Leader Approved/Recorded checkbox.

  • The entire rank has an Approved/Aecorded and a separate Awarded checkbox.

  • Individual merit badge requirements have a Counselor approved (if one has been assigned) and a Leader approved checkbox.

  • The entire merit badge has a Counselor approved, Leader approved, and Awarded checkbox.

There is a record of who approved and when approval was given. If it is the same person and date, I suspect user error. (However, I never say never until I see it personally.)

PS: I’m not sure if the info is real, but it looks like you posted Scout names and ID numbers. You might want to mask the info out–for example "David C***** #000000000.

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