Batch entry for swim test qualification

We will be hosting our swim test in a few weeks. Is there a way to enter the information in a batch instead of entering into each scout’s profile? Can we import a csv file or something?

There’s nothing for quick-entry or group-credit of swimming classifications.

The ability to quickly enter swimmer classifications (via the feature extension) was removed when they moved the profile information from the Scoutbook interface into the Internet Advancement interface.

Not only that, if the scout doesn’t have a scout specific email address associated with their account due to a bug that was reported a long time ago, you will not be able to update their swim status either. I manually entered the swim status for a recent swim status for my troop where 5 scouts took the swim test that didn’t take it at summer camp. Of the 5 I can only update 3 of them since those scouts don’t have email addresses associated with their accounts yet.

How long ago? I don’t recall this bug, but I’m not keeping a list. :slight_smile:

Yes, that has been reported, and in the last month or two.

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